Maryland's Tobacco Resource Center - Linking Professionals to Best Practices


Year publishedsort ascending
Allegany County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Maryland Kids “Kick Butts” 2012
Calvert County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
State-wide Ban on Smoking in University System of Maryland Institutions Begins in 2013 2012
Carroll County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
30% of Young Adults Using More Than One Tobacco Product 2012
Charles County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Survey on E-Cigarettes Demonstrates Misconceptions about Their Harm 2012
Frederick County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Smoking in Movies has an Effect on Adolescent Tobacco Use 2012
Garrett County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
St. Mary's County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Washington County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Somerset Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Wicomico Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Worcester Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
CTG Lower Eastern Shore MD Intro 2012
Tobacco Use Among Youth in Maryland 2012
Cigar Awareness & Prevention and The Cigar Trap Campaign 2012
MDQuit Newsletter Fall 2012 2012
MDQuit's 5th Annual Best Practices Conference 2011
DHMH's Kickoff Meeting to Raise Awareness of the Dangers of Youth Cigar Use 2011
MDQuit Newsletter - April 2011 2011
MDQuit E-Newsletter - December 2011 2011
Monitoring Changing Tobacco Use Behaviors 2000—2010 Legislative Report 2011
Maryland Bill Seeks to Ban Smoking in Cars with Children Present 2011
Leading Health Groups Aim to "Knock Tobacco Out of the Park" 2011
Findings Show the Harmful Impact of Menthol Cigarettes 2011
MDQuit Newsletter - April 2010 2010
MDQuit Newsletter - November 2011 2010
Children Living in Apartments May be at Increased Risk for Secondhand Smoke 2010
Smoke Free Laws May Decrease Childhood Asthma Hospitalizations 2010
Youtube Videos Promote Smoking 2010
Reducing Exposure to Smoking in Movies 2010
Questionable Advertising 2010
While Smoking Rates Fall, Smokeless Tobacco Use Rates Rise 2009
Youth Tobacco Cessation Review Released 2009
Study Suggests Link between R-rated Movies and Smoking 2009
Impact of Truth Campaign on Youth Smoking Prevention 2009
Teenage Smokers May be more Likely to Become Depressed in Adulthood 2009
Study Highlights Parental Smoking Influence on Their Teens 2009
The FDA is Cracking Down on Internet Marketed Cigarettes 2009
Ban on Flavored Tobacco Products Becomes City Law 2009
Smoking is Detrimental to Young Adults’ Arteries 2009
No More Candy Cigarettes 2009
Poorer Children are Exposed to More Secondhand Smoke 2009
Montgomery County Youth Tobacco Use - File 2008
Prince Georges County Youth Tobacco Use - File 2008
MDQuit Newsletter - July 2008 2008
Queen Annes County Youth Tobacco Use - File 2008


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