Maryland's Tobacco Resource Center - Linking Professionals to Best Practices


Year publishedsort ascending
Spring 2017 Newsletter 2017
Spring 2017 Newsletter 2017
MDQuit's 10th Annual Best Practices Conference 2016
New Law Bolstering Standard for Liquid Nicotine Packaging 2016
Evidenced-based Youth Tobacco Cessation Programs - Wiseman 2016
Evidenced-based Youth Tobacco Cessation Programs -- Hobbs-Folkenroth 2016
MDQuit Summer Newsletter 2016-file 2016
MDQuit's 9th Annual Best Practices Conference 2015
DiClemente Workshop_Youth Prevention: Products and Trends among Middle and High School Youth 2015
Maryland Tobacco Quitline Youth Fact Sheet 2015
Baltimore City Tries to Ban Sale of Flavored Tobacco Near Schools 2015
E-cigarette Use on the Rise Among Middle and High School Students 2015
Raising the Minimum Legal Age for Purchasing Tobacco Products: Potential Impact on Public Health 2015
Flavored Tobacco May Entice Youth to Initiate Use 2015
MDQuit's 8th Annual Best Practices Conference 2014
The 2014 Surgeon General’s Report: Children, Smoking Rates, and Premature Death 2014
FDA Launches “The Real Cost” Youth Tobacco Prevention Campaign 2014
Calls to Poison Centers Regarding E-cigarettes 2014
Clean Air for Kids Everywhere - 5.3.14 2014
Clean Air for Kids Everywhere - File 2014
Chesapeake Childcare Provider Training - 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-hand smoke 2014
MCO Newsletter Message 4: Expanded QL Services for Adolescents 2014
MCO Newsletter Message 2: Quitline Services for Adolescents (Consumer) 2014
Fall 2014 MDQuit Newsletter 2014
MDQuit Newsletter - Fall 2014 2014
DHMH Data Exhibit 40% Decline in Youth Tobacco Use from 2010-2013 2014
Flavored Cigars Popular with Youth Smokers 2013
Young Adult Smoking Risk Factors: Impulsivity, Regular Alcohol Use, Poor Grades 2013
MDQuit's 7th Annual Best Practices Conference 2013
DiClemente_Keynote_BPConference7 2013
Fishman_Keynotes_BPConference7 2013
Stewart_Keynote_BPConference7 2013
Stewart_Workshop_BPConference7 2013
Smokefreepolicytoolkit_BPConference7 2013
Towson_SMPolicy_BPConference7 2013
Tertzakian_Workshopt_BPConference7 2013
Factsheet_ecigarettes_BPConference7 2013
MEDs_NRT_Reference_BPConference7 2013
ecigarettes handout_BPconference7 2013
Overview of U.S. Smoke-free Foster Care Regulations 2013
WHO Calls for Tobacco Advertising Ban 2013
Every 10 Tobacco Ad Sightings Boost Teens’ Risk of Starting to Smoke by Almost 40 Percent 2013
Perceptions of the Dangers of Second Hand Smoke among Middle and High School Children 2013
Studies Show Youth E-Cigarette Use is on the Rise 2013
Carroll County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Charles County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Frederick County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
Garrett County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
St. Mary's County Cigar Fact Sheet 2012
MDQuit's 6th Annual Best Practices Conference 2012


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