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Secondhand Smoke

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Secondhand Smoke
Tips for Family and Friends
CTG Regional Tobacco Meetings
Non-Smokers Living with Smokers at Greater Risk for Stroke 2008
Many Parents Neglectful of Effects of Second Hand Smoke 2008
Poorer Children are Exposed to More Secondhand Smoke 2009
Secondhand Smoke Increases Likelihood of Depression 2009
Third-hand Smoke a Risk for Non-Smokers 2009
Women Exposed to Second-Hand Smoke more Likely to Have Pregnancy Difficulties 2009
Children Living in Apartments May be at Increased Risk for Secondhand Smoke 2010
Secondhand Smoke Harms Mental Health? 2010
The Risks Associated With Third-Hand Smoke 2010
MDQuit Newsletter - April 2011 2011
Tobacco Will be Responsible for Nearly 6 Million Deaths in 2011, WHO Predicts 2011
State-wide Ban on Smoking in University System of Maryland Institutions Begins in 2013 2012
Smoke-Free Multiunit Housing and Outdoor Areas: Legal Issues and Implications 2012
Overview of U.S. Smoke-free Foster Care Regulations 2013
Starbucks Bans Smoking within 25 Feet of Stores 2013
Survey Finds Support for Smoking Ban in Cars with Children 2013
Survey Finds Support for Smoking Ban in Cars with Children 2013
Smoking Bans in Restaurants and Bars Shown To Have No Adverse Effect on These Businesses 2013
Perceptions of the Dangers of Second Hand Smoke among Middle and High School Children 2013
Shared Walls? New Ban on Smoking in Condos and Apartments 2013
MDQuit Newsletter - Summer 2013 2013
Prince George’s County Delays Electronic Cigarette Ban 2013
Clean Air for Kids Everywhere - 5.3.14 2014
Clean Air for Kids Everywhere - File 2014
Chesapeake Childcare Provider Training - 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-hand smoke 2014
MDQuit's Smoke-free Families Meeting 2014
Smoking Restrictions Coming to Ocean City, Maryland 2014
Fall 2014 MDQuit Newsletter 2014
MDQuit Newsletter - Fall 2014 2014
Webinar Access Information-FILE 2015
MDQuit Summer Newsletter 2016-file 2016
CDC Update: Cancer and Tobacco Use 2016
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