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New Law Bolstering Standard for Liquid Nicotine Packaging 2016
Tobacco 101 2015
“Vapor” Shops and E-Cigarette Use Is on the Rise in Maryland 2014
Big Tobacco Warnings on E-Cigarettes 2014
Tobacco Products Replaced with Nicotine Gum at CVS Pharmacies 2014
Use of E-cigarettes for Smoking Cessation 2014
Nicotine Vaccine May Help You Quit Smoking 2013
More People are Smoking E-cigarettes, But as a Quitting Tool 2013
WHO Calls for Tobacco Advertising Ban 2013
Every 10 Tobacco Ad Sightings Boost Teens’ Risk of Starting to Smoke by Almost 40 Percent 2013
Health Effects of E-cigarettes are Not Clear 2013
Survey on E-Cigarettes Demonstrates Misconceptions about Their Harm 2012
Nicotine Vaccine found to be Promising in Animal Trials 2012
Nicotine Levels While Smoking a Cigarette 2010
Nicotine Vaccine To Be Produced 2010
Menthol: A Partner in Crime 2010
Pre-quit Patch use Increases Success 2009
Levels of carcinogens in urine may be predictive of lung cancer 2009
Brain Imaging Studies Give New Insights into Cigarette Craving 2009
Smokers More Addicted Today than in the Past 2008
Nicotine Addiction May be Confounded by Reinforcing Experiences 2008
Genetic Variation a Risk Factor for Adolescent Smoking 2008
Genes May Help Determine Best Cessation Aid 2008
MDQuit Training Application-File 2007
Nicotine and Adolescents Brochure 2007
University of Maryland Medical Center Tobacco Health and Treatment Program Flyer
Creating a Culture of Change: Tobacco Cessation Strategies for Long-Term Treatment
NIDA for Teens: The Body's Response to Nicotine, Tobacco and Vaping
Health Behavior Models and Measures
MDQuit Trainings
Nicotine and Adolescents Brochure (Page 1)
Nicotine and Adolescents Brochure (Page 2)
Thirdhand Smoke
Nicotine Cessation Across Disciplines, A Team Approach (Webinar)
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