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“Vapor” Shops and E-Cigarette Use Is on the Rise in Maryland


“Vaping” describes the use of a battery-powered electronic cigarette that heats flavored nicotine into vapor that users can inhale. Vaping and electronic cigarette use has increased nationally and statewide, as more users report perceiving e-cigarettes to be safer than traditional smoking. The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association estimates that the number of vaping stores has quadrupled to 3,000 nationally. In Ellicott City, MD, 3 vaping stores have opened and report a fast-growing customer base. Preliminary research findings on the use of e-cigarettes are mixed; for instance, a University of Maryland study has yet to find health risks with associated use, while a University of California, San Francisco study found increased difficulty with complete tobacco cessation. More conclusive findings as well as more FDA oversight are expected in the coming years, but for now, vaping enthusiasts will continue to enjoy a growing market .