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Smoking, Vaping, and COVID-19













With the concerns of COVID-19 and its potential for increased harm to smokers, MDQuit is compiling resources and information concerning smoking, vaping and COVID-19. 


Tobacco users are particularly vulnerable to being seriously infected by COVID-19 due to reduced lung capacity, and possible lung disease, which would greatly increase their risk of serious illness from the disease.1 Additionally, “the act of smoking means that fingers (and possibly contaminated cigarettes) are in contact with lips, which increases the possibility of transmission of virus from hand to mouth.”1


The damage caused to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems by tobacco use can lead to a higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.2   Individuals with underlying cardiovascular diseases who have contracted COVID-19 may develop more serious symptoms, like acute respiratory distress syndrome, or they may die.3   


There is also growing evidence that vaping can harm lung health.4 Ingredients in vaping liquids, in particular flavored liquids, can “affect cell function in the airways and suppress the lungs’ ability to fight infection.”5  


The current health crisis is yet another reason why tobacco users (cigarettes, cigars, hookah, vaping, and smokeless) may want to try to quit considering its increase in risk from COVID-19. 


If you are currently using tobacco and are interested in quitting, 

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