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Providers Corner

ProvidersThe following information is presented for use by professionals who provide tobacco cessation and prevention services to Maryland residents.

This website's primary goal is to assist professionals who help Maryland tobacco users quit smoking and prevent the initiation of tobacco use among non-users. To meet this goal, we will provide:

  • Updated information to help guide your current practice
  • Tools to help motivate your clients
  • A location to review brochures and materials

Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence-2008 Update (TTUD)1, a clinical practice guideline, was published to assist clinicians in implementing effective treatments for cessation. This guideline recommends that all clinicians should have a systematic routine for identifying smokers. There are five steps involved in providing a minimal intervention, called the 5 A's. These steps are:

  1. ASK: Ask about tobacco use at every visit.
  2. ADVISE: Even brief advice to quit from a health professional can result in greater smoking abstinence rates.
  3. ASSESS: After providing a clear, strong, and personalized message to quit smoking, the provider determines whether or not the patient is willing to quit at this time.
  4. ASSIST: Aid the client in his or her quit attempt can be done using either a brief or an intensive intervention.
  5. ARRANGE: Arranging follow-up contact is the final step in treating tobacco use and dependence.

To find information that may be specific to your needs, please click on one of the following sections:

Talk to Your Patients! The State of New York Department of Health has put together this website with information about talking to your patients about quitting. The 5 A's are outlined along with other information for health providers.

Please CLICK HERE to visit the Talk to Your Patients website.

Fax to Assist

Please CLICK HERE for more information on Fax to Assist and our Fax Referral Program.


1 Fiore, M.C., Bailey, W.C., Cohen, S.J., Dorfman, S.F., Goldstein, M.G., Gritz, E.R., et al. (2000). Treating tobacco use and dependence-Clinical practice guideline. Rockville, MD: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Services.