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Spring-Summer MDQuit Newsletter 2018 July 2018
DiClemente-1-18-18BP January 2018
Witkiewitz-1-18-18BP January 2018
Graham1-18-18BP January 2018
Berkowitz-LunchUpdates-1-18-18 January 2018
FaxtoAssistAwards-1-18-18 January 2018
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Bennett-1-18-18 January 2018
Hoke-1-18-18-pdf January 2018
Berkowitz2018PPTRev January 2018
2018 LRC Legislative Summary.PDF January 2018
BH2 Manual Chapter 2 September 2017
Chapter 3: Working with Behavioral Health Populations September 2017
12.1.17 Webinar -- Implementation of Smoking Cessation Programming: Establishing Client Engagement and Increasing Retention November 2017
BHA Webinar Flyer 33017 KFP June 2017
Spring 2017 Newsletter June 2017
JH Research Study June 2017
Spring 2017 Newsletter June 2017
DiClemente Morning Presentation June 2017
Berkowitz_11th MDQuit BP_DHMH Updates 1.25.17 June 2017
TFL MDQuit BP Conference Jan.26.17 FINAL Approved June 2017
DelmonteMDQuit11thBPAfternoonWksp01262017 June 2017
LRC FINAL MDQuit 11thBPConf 012617 WEBPOSTING June 2017
2016_SGR_Full_Report_non-508 June 2017
press-release-LGBT-smoking-MDQuit-11thBP-013017 June 2017
Helping Smokers Quit Pocket Guide for Clinicians July 2017
Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence_Clinical Practice Guideline_2008 Update July 2017
Fall/Winter 2017 Newsletter December 2017
Litmos Trainings Announcement October 2016
UM Clinical Trial Ad May 2016
MD DHMH Cancer Control Plan 2016-2020 July 2016
10 Years of the MDQuit Resource Center January 2016
10 Years of the Maryland Tobacco Quitline January 2016
Keynote Address: Leveraging Social Support to Engage Smokers in Treatment January 2016
Keynote Address: Doing the Right Thing: Linking Data, Policy, and Programs to Change Culture and Move Tobacco Cessation January 2016
Updates on DHMH Tobacco Prevention & Control Initiatives January 2016
Baltimore City Health Department Panel Presentation January 2016
Montgomery County Panel Presentation January 2016
Skill Sets for Family Members and Friends to Help Motivate a Smoker to Seek Treatment: Research to Practice January 2016
Evidenced-based Youth Tobacco Cessation Programs - Wiseman January 2016
Evidenced-based Youth Tobacco Cessation Programs -- Hobbs-Folkenroth January 2016
A Look Back and Ahead: The State of Tobacco Control in Maryland January 2016
Update on Medications for Tobacco Cessation January 2016
Tobacco-free Policies in State & Community Healthcare Settings - Kendall January 2016
Tobacco-free Policies in State & Community Healthcare Settings - Way Station January 2016
fall-2016-mdquit-newsletter December 2016
2016-2020 MD Cancer Control Plan August 2016
MDQuit Summer Newsletter 2016-file August 2016